The Shuttle

We run a shuttle service for all of you who would like to come play golf and hike the mountain. The shuttle runs from Memorial Day weekend to Columbus Day weekend. The hours are:

  • Every 2 hours, on the hour, from 9AM to 3PM for the months of May & June
  • Every hour, on the hour, from 8AM to 6 PM for July & August
  • Every hour, on the hour, from 9AM to 4PM for September & October
The driver will come back for you if the boat is too full and you are not able to get in on the first trip. Please not that you must be on time, because it is not a taxi. The hours mentioned are fixed.

The charges are the following:

  • 10$ round trip for age 11 and up
  • 5$ roundtrip for kids from age 5 to age 11
  • Free for children under age 5
  • For big groups and organizations of more than 15, please contact us before hand.
Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and their answers! If your questions is not in the list, feel free to call us at 1-207-534-9012 or email us at
  • Are we allowed to bring dogs? Yes, dogs are allowed on the shuttle, but are not aloud on the golf course. If you are planning to play golf, you should leave your dog at home.
  • How do we pay for the shuttle? There are no tickets or such for the shuttle, you simply pay the driver. If you must pay with the credit, you can walk up to the club house where we will charge you.
  • What address should I enter on my GPS? We are located on Kineo Island, so we have no specific address. To find the docks for the shuttle, you can enter the Rockwood post office address, which is: 62 village road, Rockwood, Maine, 04478.

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